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Watch Spotlight: The Nezumi Tonnerre Chronograph Special Edition. Limited to 150 Pieces and Bringing the Thunder.

Nezumi Tonnerre watch on wrist with denim jacket
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.



The Nezumi Tonnerre Special Edition Chronograph brings the noise to your wrist, literally and figuratively. The design and color palette on display across the dial and three subdials make a bold statement of vintage appeal and retro aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the watch features a Telemeter Scale surrounding the dial that is designed to estimate the distances between the watch and the observable audible elements surrounding it. Think of starting the chronograph when you see lightning and stopping the chronograph when you hear ensuing thunder. If the chronograph hand points to '3' on the telemeter scale when stopped, then the lightning strike happened approximately 3km from your position. An appropriate application for the aptly named Tonnerre. Let's take a deeper look.


Nezumi - Combining Utility and Design

Nezumi Tonnerre watch with yellow background
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

If you have followed Nezumi for any amount of time, you know that a few core pillars guide their approach to product design, and even more so with their watches.

Firstly, all pales in comparison to utility. All of the watches designed by David Campo are tool watches meant to serve a purpose and support the activities of the wearer. Another focal point is an appeal to vintage design cues and the integration of those heritage designs from the David's icons, like his "Kermit" 911 he built.

David Campo leaning against Porsche 911
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

Spanning across the first two pillars is the unwavering commitment to quality. Nezumi doubles down on its product ethos with the statement "nothing less than perfection". We said this before in our last article covering their Aviera GMT, but Nezumi is one of the few watch brands that you emotionally connect with just upon seeing them. It's very rare in the watch world and it's a big reason why they landed on our Best Microbrands of 2024 list.


The Nezumi Tonnerre Special Edition Specifications

Hand holding dangling Nezumi Tonnerre watch
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

For starters, the Tonnerre Special Edition Chronograph, reference TQ2S.602 is limited to a run of only 150 pieces. The caseback is adorned with raised lettering stating the limited capacity of this model and is also decorated with raised metal work showing the Nezumi name in script along with the founding year of 2011 and the headquarters location of Stockholm. This is one of the better casebacks on a watch at any price range.

two hands holding unclasped Nezumi tonnerre watch
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

Moving to the main focus, the Tonnerre Special Edition comes in an ultra-wearable 316-L stainless steel 38mm brushed case, complimenting the brushed minute and hour hands. The case measures in at 10.5mm thick (+1.5mm w/ glass), the lug-to-lug distance is 45.5 mm and the lug width is 20mm. The dial and hands also feature grade X1 Swiss Super-LumiNova® for increased legibility in all lighting conditions. The Tonnerre features a signed push/pull crown that limits its water resistance to 5ATM or 50m. Atop the case is a double-domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective (AR) coating on the underside.

Side profile of Nezumi Tonnerre watch
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

The Tonnerre Special Edition is powered by the ultra-dependable hybrid Seiko VK-63 Mecha-Quartz movement. The genius of this movement is the quartz operation of the standard timekeeping, while an overlayed mechanical module operates the chronograph. In this manner, you get the dependability and accuracy of a quartz movement with the visual appeal of a mechanical steady-sweeping chronograph hand. And what a pleasure to watch the striking yellow chronograph hand sweep around the dial. Resetting the chronograph is as easy as a single push from the 4 o'clock pusher and the yellow hand snaps right back to 12:00.

Nezumi Tonnerre watch with yellow background
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

The watch is available on a 316-L stainless steel 5-link style bracelet, a black leather strap, or a brown leather strap. The leather strap options come with quick-release spring bars for easy strap changing. Per usual recommendations, we always say go for the bracelet if the extra cost doesn't deter you.


Specification Round-Up:



Case Diameter


Case Thickness

10.5mm, 12mm with Sapphire Crystal



Lug Width


Water Resistance

5 ATM, 50m


Double-Domed Genuine Sapphire Crystal with AR Undercoating


Seiko VK-63 Mecha-Quartz

Assembly Location


Bracelet Options

316-L Stainless Steel Bracelet, Black or Brown Leather Strap


$427 on Leather, $503 with Stainless Bracelet


Our Thoughts

Nezumi Tonnerre watch on wrist with hand pulling back denim sleeve
Photo copyright ©️ David Campo / Nezumi Studios, all rights reserved.

Nezumi has it figured out and we're here for it. Again, we mentioned this in our former coverage of other Nezumi offerings but there is just not any better value for money on the market. If you're into vintage and heritage-inspired design, ultimate wearability and utility, top-notch quality, and assembly at $500 and below, the Tonnerre Special Edition chronograph is a can't miss. You will be hard-pressed to find another company packing all the attention to detail and design subtleties at the price.

The design language and color palette are enough to win you over at first glance, but then you notice the signed crowns, raised metal signed caseback lettering in various fonts and finishes, signed clasps, and AR-coated sapphire crystal and you realize that Nezumi is here to stay.

From Swedish design to French inspiration, and Japanese Movement to German assembly, the Nezumi Tonnerre Special Edition Chronograph is the aggregation of everything we love about independent watchmaking. Grab yours at Nezumi, they won't last long.


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