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Watch Spotlight: Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green Lum. Pushing the Limits of Creativity and Innovation with 500 Limited Edition Pieces.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross - Inspiration from Aviation

Bell & Ross has been all about visibility, inspired by aviation, and their LUM collection since 2017 is a testament to innovation in visibility. The BR-X5 GREEN LUM takes it up a notch, ditching the norm by introducing LM3D, a groundbreaking composite material. It's a fusion of cutting-edge luminescence and top-notch design, challenging the status quo. This departure goes beyond the usual, cranking up luminosity and readability. Bell & Ross doesn't just stick to visibility; they redefine the game, blending innovation, materials, and horological design. The BR-X5 GREEN LUM emerges as a testament to pushing the envelope in both aesthetics and functionality.


Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Lum Collection - Extreme Visibility Since 2017

In the world of watches, readability is key, especially in the dark skies or deep waters. Luminescent materials have been lighting up watch hands since the 1930s, initially for military use. Tritium and radium, once popular but radioactive, made way for Super-LumiNova, now the luminescent go-to.

Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Full Lum
Bell & Ross BR V2-92 Full Lum - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross not only ensures all their watches shine in the dark but takes it a step further with the LUM line. Launched in 2017, models like the BR 03-92 HOROLUM and BR 03-92 NIGHTLUM go big on luminescence—numerous, indices, and hands all aglow. The BR 03-92 FULL LUM (2019) went all out, covering the dial in Super-LumiNova. The BR 03-92 GREY LUM (2020) lit up like a landing strip, and the BR 03-92 Diver FULL LUM played with shades of light green and pale yellow. Vintage vibes came in 2021 with the BR V2-94 FULL LUM's double luminous effect. Now, in 2022, the BR V2-92 FULL LUM rocks an ultra-luminescent 3-hand dial, keeping Bell & Ross at the forefront of visibility innovation.


The Bell & Ross BR-X5 Enriched Manufacture Collection

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

In 2022, Bell & Ross continued its journey into the skies with the BR-X5, expanding on the distinctive "round within the square" design introduced in the 2019 BR 05 range. This latest addition stands as the pinnacle of the BR 05 series, featuring the prestigious BR-CAL.323 calibre, a precision-crafted movement by Kenissi that boasts an impressive 70-hour power reserve. The BR-X5 doesn't just showcase a sleek multi-component case; it embodies a fusion of purity, radical aesthetics, and a commitment to both durability and lightness.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Now, introducing the BR-X5 GREEN LUM, Bell & Ross completes its upscale collection. This fresh model not only redefines the boundaries of technical innovation but also breaks free from convention in both concept and design. With the BR-X5 GREEN LUM, Bell & Ross demonstrates not just technical prowess but a bold and distinctive approach, signaling a new phase in the brand's ongoing exploration of style and substance. This timepiece isn't just about telling time; it's a bold proclamation of Bell & Ross' dedication to excellence and its fearless embrace of individuality in the ever-evolving landscape of horology.


BR-X5 Luminescent Case and Limited Concept

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is pushing the boundaries of creative expression with their latest venture into luminescence. Unlike traditional approaches where luminescence is applied to hands and numerals, the spotlight here is on the 41mm case itself. This isn't just any case; it's a luminescent marvel crafted from a specially developed composite material called LM3D, propelling Bell & Ross into the luminous realm of LUM.

In this groundbreaking BR-X5 version, the emphasis is on lightness, evident in the multi-component case blending LM3D with grade 2 micro-blasted black DLC titanium in a layered assembly.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM
Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross

The case, carved from a block of DLC-coated grade 2 titanium, is sandwiched between two shields made of a photoluminescent composite material—LM3D. These shields, composed of quartz fibers, emit a powerful green luminescence in the dark, turning the entire case into a radiant canvas that accentuates the dial's indications.

Beyond its role as a timekeeping instrument, the 500-piece limited BR-X5 GREEN LUM series transcends into the realm of conceptual art. Bell & Ross not only redefines luminescence but elevates the watch to the status of a unique and captivating art object, showcasing innovation that goes beyond the ordinary.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Green LUM - Image Courtesy of Bell & Ross


BR-X5 Green Lum Specifications


Manufacture Calibre BR-Cal.323. Automatic, 70-hour Power Reserve


Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date, Power Reserve Indicator


41mm Wide x 12.80mm Thick

Water Resistance

100m (300ft)


Matte Black, Skeletonized Hands, Applique Indices


AR Coated Sapphire


Black Openworked Rubber


Folding Steel with DLC Finish




Learn more about the BR-X5 Green Lum at Bell & Ross


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