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Watch Spotlight: The Nomadic Marai 401 "Black Shamrock". Limited to 33 Pieces at One-Per-Day Through March.

close up of watch face on rope
Image: Nomadic Watches

The Northern Irish Origins of A Modern Watchmaker

The Nomadic Watches story begins with the company's inception in Belfast, Ireland where a group of friends united by their passion for travel and horology embarked on a journey to create timepieces that capture the essence of exploration. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design shines through each collection, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and historical events worldwide. Nomadic Watches seeks to craft more than just timepieces; they aspire to tell stories of adventure and wanderlust, encouraging wearers to embrace their own journeys. Through a blend of precision engineering and a spirit of discovery, Nomadic Watches invites individuals to explore the world while keeping time with style and elegance.

back of watch showing display caseback on rope
Image: Nomadic Watches

The Watch that Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

The Marai 401 collection draws its inspiration from Belfast's illustrious shipbuilding legacy, paying homage to the city's maritime heritage. The name "Marai" translates to 'sea farer' in Irish, while the number '401' echoes the production name of the Titanic, symbolizing the collection's connection to Belfast's engineering feats.

Stainless steel watch on rope
Image: Nomadic Watches

With a 40mm case, 660ft water resistance, and a Swiss mechanical movement, the Marai 401 reflects the city's greatest achievements in engineering. Its distinctive yellow second hand pays tribute to Belfast's iconic cranes.


The Marai 401 Underwent Notable Changes in 2022

close up of stainless steel watch on table
Image: Nomadic Watches

The case shape and side profile were redesigned for enhanced aesthetics and comfort, with curves that conform to the wrist. Luxury finishing was improved, meticulously brushing and polishing every surface and edge to elevate the watch's appeal.

close-up showing black watch dial and green bezel
Image: Nomadic Watches

The lug-to-lug case size was reduced to 48mm, ensuring wearability across various wrist sizes while maintaining style. A new bracelet with quick-release spring bars was introduced for easy strap changes, offering versatility for any occasion. An innovative microglide adjustment clasp allows for a perfect fit and unmatched comfort throughout the day.

close-up of watch caseback on rope showing clover rotor
Image: Nomadic Watches

Crafted in Belfast, each watch proudly displays its heritage and the assurance of quality craftsmanship. The movement was refined to remove the 'ghost date' position, streamlining functionality and enhancing precision. Now featuring a sapphire caseback, the Marai 401 reveals a distinctive rotor inspired by the propellers of the SS Nomadic and RMS Titanic, adding to its allure and uniqueness.

macro shot of display back watch case
Image: Nomadic Watches

The Nomadic Marai 401 Black Shamrock is a limited edition watch, with only 33 numbered pieces available throughout March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It features a black dial with a dark green bezel and a customized Shamrock rotor on the reverse. By default, the watches are "No Date," but a DATE option is available upon request for an extra charge.


Secure Your Nomadic Marai 401 Black Shamrock

The watches will be sold individually on a first-come, first-served basis, with one available each day at 7 pm GMT. If sold out, customers can try again the next day. Additionally, two watches will be available exclusively at the British Watchmakers’ Day on March 9th, 2024, in London.

black watch dial stainless steel bracelet watch on rope
Image: Nomadic Watches

Learn more about the Nomadic Maraí 401 "Black Shamrock" Limited Edition at Nomadic.

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