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Watch Spotlight: The MONTA Skyquest - An Incredible Value in a Robust Package

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

First Impressions of the MONTA Skyquest

The first time I saw the MONTA Skyquest, I couldn't help but be captivated by its originality. The watch was made with meticulous attention to detail and exuded a sense of high quality and a thirst for exploration. It is one of the best-looking watches in any category on the market, in my opinion. There was so much to take in but in such a clean and elegant form.

The first thing that caught my attention was the striking contrast and the use of a bi-color bezel. The Opaline dial, bi-color red and blue aluminum 24-hour bezel, and rhodium-plated hands and indices make for a stunning and crisp composition. This initial encounter marked the beginning of my journey into the world of MONTA to see what else MONTA had been working on. More to follow in a follow-up post.


**Note that the Opaline Dial version is a limited edition, consisting of only 175 units. This will most likely sell out and will not be further produced in this current generation! So grab one while you can!**


The Skyquest, though. What a watch. As I learned more about the specifications, movement, and materials I continued to be pleasantly surprised. I also continued to be impressed with the other Skyquest variations and their respective designs. I was nervously awaiting to see the price. The surprise continued there. $2435 for all this? Say no more. Let's get into it.

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

Deeper we go, into the artistry and engineering behind this remarkable watch. From its intricate movement to the comfortable bracelet and color variations, we will explore every facet of the Skyquest. We will look at why the MONTA Skyquest is a tough act to follow in the sub $2,500 range or any price range for that matter.


MONTA Skyquest Specifications:



Depth Rating

300m (1000ft)

Case Diameter


Case Thickness


Lug to Lug


Lug Width





The Detailed Components of the MONTA Skyquest

Movement: Swiss Precision at Its Finest

At the core of the MONTA Skyquest beats the MONTA Caliber M-23 self-winding, mechanical movement. Crafted in Switzerland, this movement is a marvel of precision engineering. With a bidirectional rotor, it ensures the smooth and accurate operation of the watch.

Hands & Dial: Elegance and Functionality

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

The MONTA Skyquest doesn't just tell time; it does so with style. Its Swiss-made, rhodium-plated, diamond-cut, sword-style hands not only exude elegance but are also highly readable. With Super-LumiNova (R) BGW9, they offer luminous blue brilliance even in the darkest of nights.

The dial of the MONTA Skyquest is a canvas of opulence and functionality. Its applied hour markers, full rhodium surrounds with BGW9 Swiss Superluminova, and red accent GMT hand and lettering create a striking visual contrast.

Crystal: Clarity Beyond Compare

A watch is only as good as the clarity of its crystal, and the MONTA Skyquest excels in this aspect. Its flat, beveled, sapphire crystal is a work of art, boasting 7 layers of anti-reflective coating for optimal viewing at every angle.

Depth Rating: Ready for Adventure

The MONTA Skyquest features more than just a pleasing aesthetic; it serves as a worthy companion for adventurers. Designed and tested for 300 meters (1,000 feet) of water resistance, it is ready to accompany you on your aquatic journeys as well as air travel through time zones. A true go anywhere, do anything quality.

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

Power Reserve & Case: Uninterrupted Timekeeping

With a 56-hour power reserve, the MONTA Skyquest ensures that your timepiece won't falter when you need it most. The 316L stainless steel case of the MONTA Skyquest is more than just a protective shell; it's a sanctuary of strength. With a screw-down crown, crown guards, and a sapphire case back, the rugged case encapsulates the delicate craftsmanship within. The brushed surfaces combine with touches of polished edges to accentuate the design.


Model Variations: A Suitor for all Styles

The Skyquest is available in four distinct variations, all of which hit the nail on the design head. Variations include the following options:

  1. Opaline Silver Dial with Bi-color Aluminum Bezel

  2. Gilt Dial with Bi-color Aluminum Bezel

  3. Black Dial with Bi-Color Aluminum Bezel

  4. Black Dial with Black Aluminum Bezel

Images Courtesy of MONTA


The MONTA Bracelet

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

On-Wrist: Comfort and Flexibility

The MONTA Bracelet is a masterpiece of engineering designed for comfort and flexibility. Its fully articulating links adapt seamlessly to any wrist size, ensuring that it feels like it was custom-made just for you. It features the incredible MONTA quick-adjust clasp with three slots for micro adjustment for the perfect fit.

Beveled Edge: A Touch of Elegance

Every outer link of the MONTA Bracelet features a beveled edge, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to the overall design. This also provides a more comfortable wearing experience.

Personalize Your Skyquest

The MONTA Skyquest offers more than just a beautiful stainless bracelet, MONTA also offers a curved-end leather strap for purchase. You can enhance its uniqueness and tailor it to your style while still upholding the integrated design cue.


** Everest Horology Products straps can also be used with the Skyquest models. As a matter of fact, when selecting the "Submariner Ceramic" models and "Tang Buckle" option on the Everest Bands site, these straps will fit the ENTIRE MONTA collection.**


Conclusion: A Timepiece Beyond Compare at its Price

MONTA Skyquest
Image Courtesy of MONTA

The MONTA Skyquest is a statement of style, precision, and originality. From its meticulously crafted movement to its comfortable bracelet and eye-catching design, it embodies the essence of distinctive styling and quality craftsmanship. If you're seeking a timepiece that stands out in a sea of watches, the MONTA Skyquest is a masterclass in watchmaking that deserves your attention. It's more than a watch; it's a work of art.

With the MONTA Skyquest, you not only keep time but make a statement, and in the world of horology, it doesn't get much better than that. Especially at a retail price tag under $2,500. This punches far above its weight and price.






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