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Introducing the Tornek-Rayville Type 7B "Blakjak". The Third Release From the Supplier of The First Purpose Built Combat Dive Watch to the U.S. Special Forces.

two watches on black backdrop
Type 7B Blakjak - Image Courtesy of Tornek-Rayville


Look No Further For Brand Pedigree

If there is anything that we, as collective watch enthusiasts love about what we choose to wear on our wrist, the pedigree has to take the cake. There is a certain nostalgia that we carry with us, especially in a time of non-necessary tools. The stories of the past and the respective heritage reminds of the tasks these tools were trusted to fulfill, and how they can certainly provide the same security today. It's often times amazing how you come across a brand with such pedigree that has remained a silent diamond in the rough amongst the larger landscape of watchmakers.

a watch on table with books, pen, and other items
Type 7B Blakjak - Image Courtesy of Tornek-Rayville

In a time of vibrant colors and modern designs, there is something comforting about the purpose built tool watch. Meant to support you through anything, and survive through all elements, these military derived timepieces remind us of the importance of the wristwatch and why we still trust them today. We also can't help retelling the entire brand history to every onlooker that notices. This is of course validation as to why THIS watch will keep us safe. Good enough for U.S. Special Forces = good enough for us.


Who is Tornek-Rayville?

Seven years after advisors arrived in Vietnam and four years prior to the deployment of combat units, the U.S. military sought its inaugural purpose built combat dive watch. Tornek-Rayville emerges out of the shadows, as an unknown brand and triumphed over major U.S. watch companies, including Bulova. In 1963, the Tornek-Rayville TR-900 was introduced and subsequently utilized by various special forces units in Vietnam including the Marine Force Recon, MACV-SOG, and Navy SEALs.

A watch on a soldier
Type 7B Blakjak - Image Courtesy of Tornek-Rayville

Today, Tornek-Rayville continues to perpetuate its legacy, prioritizing durability and reliability in harsh environments. Internally, Tornek-Rayville operates through two symbiotic units: the National Integrated Research & Development Department (NIRDD) and Sea Point Applied Research (SPAR). NIRDD spearheads product design, ensuring adherence to TR's rigorous standards, while SPAR conducts comprehensive field testing. Notably, SPAR encompasses STU-ND, a specialized subunit focusing on aquatic and cold-water operations, known for its rigorous gear testing protocols. Together, these units uphold Tornek-Rayville's commitment to delivering high-performance tools and goods for extreme conditions into 2024 and beyond.


Tornek-Rayville's Type 7B "Blakjak"

a watch laying on top of a jacket and energy drinks
Type 7B Blakjak - Image Courtesy of Tornek-Rayville

The Type 7B "Blakjak" is a self-winding dive field watch categorized as Class B (non-radioactive). It builds upon the MIL-W-46374F Type 6 SANDY 660 reference, offering enhancements to the Type 6 design concept. These enhancements include a new automatic winding movement, a day/date complication, water resistance up to 200 meters, and the addition of drilled lugs.

The bezel has also been redesigned with a DLC-coated stainless steel inlay, intricately engraved and tilted inward to enhance both wear resistance and crystal protection. There are two variants based on the preferred bezel layout and you can choose between a 60-min layout or a 12-hour layout. Departing from the original Type 6 design, Tritium gas tubes have been substituted with non-radioactive SuperLumiNova BGW9 luminous material, ensuring sustained luminosity without degradation over time.


Additional Type 7B Improvements

The Type 7B "Blakjak" offers a highly readable dial design with maximal information density, featuring 12/24 time, date, and day displays. The chapter ring curvature reduces parallax error, while the day of the week wheel can switch between English and Roman numerals for flexibility. The hands now boast larger luminous windows for enhanced nighttime visibility, and the sweep seconds hand includes a luminous marker.

watch on table with coffee and other items
Type 7B Blakjak - Image Courtesy of Tornek-Rayville

The case design balances between urban and rugged environments, with a sloped bezel for easier glove operation and protection of the DLC-coated stainless steel inlay. The bracelet, featuring solid-end-links, can be substituted with shoulderless spring bars for use with pass-through straps. Each Type Tornek-Rayville Type 7B Blakjak comes with alternative straps—a 22mm Italian-made natural rubber dive strap and a MaratacTM "Mil Series" black nylon strap, both ensuring durability and versatility.


Specifications and Dimensions

Case Width


Case Thickness


Case Length


Lug Width



103g w/o Strap


Flat Sapphire w/ Anti-Reflective Coating on Interior


BGW9 Super LumiNova


SII NH36 w/ Custom Day/Date Wheel

Water Resistance

20m (20ATM)

Case Finish

Mirror Polish and Satin Finished 316L Stainless Steel

Country of Origin

Made in Japan


Triple-Gasket Screw-Down

Bezel Function

120 Click Unidirectional


-10 / +20 Seconds Per Day




To grab yours, head over to Tornek-Rayville and enjoy the heritage.

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