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Introducing the YEMA Superman Slim CMM.20.

The Iconic Offering Gets A Slim Treatment and a Manufacture Micro-Rotor Caliber

a black dial and blue dial watch on wet background
Image Courtesy of YEMA

Hailing from France and founded in 1948, YEMA has found themselves at the top tier of Independently owned watchmakers in 2024. Not only has YEMA evolved their catalog to modernize classic designs, but they have also made incredible strides toward the production of fully Manufacture Grade Mechanical Automatic movements. YEMA has invested heavily in R&D, equipment, and expansions/upgrades to their workshops to enable the dream to come to reality.

One of the fruits of this labor is the birth of the CMM.20 Manufacture micro-rotor caliber powering the newest iteration of the beloved YEMA Superman.


YEMA Superman - An Enthusiast Favorite

black and blue dial watches with bronze case
Superman Bronze - Image Courtesy of YEMA

The Yema Superman was introduced in 1963 and quickly became renowned for its durability and reliability in the realm of deep-sea diving. Boasting water resistance up to 300 meters and a distinctive bezel-locking mechanism for accurate timing underwater, the design cues propelled the Superman onto the wrist's of enthusiasts. Over the years, the Superman has evolved while maintaining its core identity, enduring as a favorite among divers and collectors alike. With its enduring popularity and timeless design, the Yema Superman remains a cherished timepiece for the French watchmaker. YEMA continues to broaden their offerings in the Superman line, including sizing and movement upgrades like the Slim CMM.20, as well as various metal and material combinations like the Superman Bronze.


The YEMA Superman Slim CMM.20 Release

The YEMA Superman watch in a front and rear view
Image Courtesy of YEMA

Avid wrist watch wearers know about the complications (pun intended) to be had when dealing with tool watches in general, and dive watches specifically. To best preserve the functionality and depth rating of the watch while assuring the watch performs the jobs required, an accepted sacrifice of case thickness has become normal in watchmaking. When including traditional automatic works within a case, the rotational rotor moving over-top the movement accounts for much of the added case thickness required. This is where the 3.70mm thick CMM.20 Manufacture micro-rotor calibre comes in.

showcasing the movement through sapphire caseback
Image Courtesy of YEMA

Thanks to some high-level engineering, YEMA is able to embed a small rotor into the uppermost (from caseback perspective) plate of the movement, allowing for the automatic works to remain functional while also allowing the case size to become slimmer. No longer does the rotor need to pass over the movement in order to wind the mainspring with the wearer's movements. The real game-changer is the preservation of the 30 BAR / 300m water resistance that the Superman has always maintained. The ability to continually engineer while not sacrificing integrity in the process deserves kudos.


Slimmer Case, Same Capabilities, More Dynamic

a side view of the yema superman slim watch
Image Courtesy of YEMA

You're favorite dive watch can now be worn (comfortably) with formal attire. Gone are the days of the bunched up cuffs and sleeves against your preferred tool watch. This is a welcomed addition to a line that still features classic design cues including the crown based bezel locking system. Though the core design cues remain similar, there are a handful of notable upgrades to note.

a man in a suit wearing a watch and holding a newspaperper
Image Courtesy of YEMA

The Additions, Upgrades and Specifications

The YEMA Superman Slim CMM.20 has been meticulously redesigned with a new 39mm 316L stainless steel case, featuring 20mm curved lugs and brushed finishes contrasted with polished bevels.

a man wearing a watch while reading a newspaper
Image Courtesy of YEMA

Despite slimming down the case by 1mm to accommodate the CMM.20 micro-rotor caliber, it retains a 30 BAR water resistance, thanks to the sapphire exhibition case-back execution and screw-down crown. The new enamel lacquered dial, proudly displaying "MANUFACTURE FRANÇAISE" at 6 o’clock, showcases refined Superman hands and an original seconds hand from the legendary Superman 53.00.16, offering a dazzling shine and milky texture.

A stainless steel watch with blue dial on black background
Image Courtesy of YEMA

The redesigned sapphire bezel with a simplified 0-60 scale and Grade A Super-LumiNova marker at 12 o’clock complements the enamel lacquered dial and brushed case finish. The iconic bezel-lock mechanism, patented by YEMA in 1967, remains consistent across Superman models, providing a practical feature for professional and recreational divers alike.

A watch in the dark with luminescent markers
Image Courtesy of YEMA

The aforementioned 30 BAR sapphire exhibition case-back offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the Manufacture micro-rotor caliber CMM.20, while the shock-resistant and scratch-resistant double-domed sapphire crystal enhances readability and water resistance.

a stainless steel watch on wet backdrop
Image Courtesy of YEMA

The new Scales Slim bracelet, tapered from 4mm at the buckle, harmoniously integrates with the Superman Slim case, featuring a fully brushed finish for elegant visual continuity.

Sheesh, talk about putting in work in the off-season. Here's a quick look a the fine specs:

Case Diameter


Case Thickness



CMM.20 micro-rotor caliber



Water Resistance

30 BAR / 300m

Power Reserve

70 Hours




-3 / +7 seconds per day

Magnetic Resistance

Non-Magnetic Alloys

Regulating Organs

Glucydur Balance Wheel

Shock Resistance

Incabloc® Double Cone




ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)


Scales Slim Bracelet


$2,490 USD


The YEMA Superman Slim CMM 20 comes with a YEMA 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty and is available for preorder starting TUESDAY 20 FEBRUARY 1pm EST / 7pm CET and ships starting May 2024.

Learn more and place your order when the time comes at YEMA.



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