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Hands-on: NODUS Sector Deep - The Best 500M Dive Watch under $1000?

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep 500M

If you have seen any other hands-on review on Balance & Bridge then you know; we love dive watches. There is just something about being so purpose built that makes sense to us. Even though most of us will never take our watches to the depths which they are rated, there is a comfort in knowing they could, if you needed it to.

Much is the same with many things in life, the art of the possible is as much of a benefit as the utility of miminum requirements. With that being said, it felt really comforting knowing that I could pretty much take on anything with this watch on wrist. And in its simplest form, thats what counts. Let's dive deeper into the NODUS Sector Deep, to 500M maybe.


The Technical Details

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

The DEEP boasts a robust construction with a case crafted from 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, showcasing durability and resistance to corrosion. The dimensions of the case are specified as 42mm bezel width, 38mm case width, 13.6mm thickness, 47mm lug-to-lug, and a lug width of 20mm. These measurements contribute to a well-proportioned and wearable timepiece suitable for a variety of wrist sizes.

Enhancing its water resistance, the watch features a screw-down crown, a crucial element for ensuring a watertight seal and preventing water ingress. The crown features awesome texture and red text to remind of proper locking direction.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Red Crown Decoration

The glass protecting the dial is a flat sapphire crystal, known for its scratch resistance and durability. Notably, the underside of the crystal is coated with a blue anti-reflective coating, reducing glare and improving legibility in various lighting conditions. You can see the blue AR coating under certain lightin conditions and it provieds an incredibly clear viewing window.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Blue AR and Bezel

The bezel, a key functional and aesthetic component, is a 120-click uni-directional bezel with dual functions—markings for both 60 minutes and 12 hours. Crafted from DLC matte black steel, the bezel is fully lumed, providing visibility in low-light situations. This feature adds a practical element for timing events and enhances the overall aesthetic of the watch. You can both time your dives or track a scond time-zone with this innovative bezel design.

Our favorite part of the Sector Deep is the bezel ovehanging the case. It is far easier to manipulate the bezel by simply grabbing the whole case, than it is to pinch down and tension turn a standard bezel.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Bezel Overhang

One of the standout features of this timepiece is its luminescence. The watch utilizes Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 Grade A for its lume, ensuring a high level of brightness and longevity in low-light environments. This not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the watch's visual appeal.

Impressively, the watch boasts a remarkable water resistance of 500 meters, making it suitable for professional diving and other water-related activities. This level of water resistance far exceeds the standard requirements for most recreational diving watches, reflecting the watch's robust design and suitability for underwater use.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Bracelet Taper

The bracelet, with a 20mm-18mm taper, is equipped with a proprietary NodeX™ Clasp, which we love and mentioned more extensively in our Sector Pilot review, adding a touch of exclusivity to the timepiece. Additionally, the presence of quick-release spring bars facilitates easy strap changes, allowing users to customize their watch easily.

In summary, the watch combines a durable and well-proportioned stainless steel case with practical features such as a screw-down crown, anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal, and an impressive 500-meter water resistance. The attention to detail extends to the bezel, fully lumed with dual function markings, and the utilization of Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 Grade A for exceptional luminescence. The proprietary NodeX™ Clasp on the bracelet and quick-release spring bars further enhance the premium feel.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep


The Movement

The NODUS Sector DEEP features the Seiko TMI NH35 caliber, a reliable and widely used movement originating from Japan. This automatic movement contains 24 jewels, indicating the number of synthetic rubies used as bearings in critical parts to reduce friction and enhance durability. With a power reserve of 41 hours, the watch can operate autonomously for over a day without requiring winding.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Clarity

One notable technical aspect is its antimagnetic property, boasting a resistance of at least 4800 A/m (ampere per meter). This feature helps the watch maintain accuracy and functionality even in the presence of magnetic fields, which can otherwise adversely affect timekeeping in traditional watches.

The timekeeping accuracy is regulated to an impressive standard, with a deviation of no more than +/- 10 seconds per day. Notably, this precision is achieved through regulation by Nodus, a process that involves fine-tuning the movement to ensure optimal performance. This level of accuracy is crucial for those who rely on their watches for precise timekeeping in various activities annd is a not common practice amongst watchmakers.


Final Thoughts on the NODUS Sector DEEP

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep Value Proposition

The NODUS Sector DEEP just may be one of the best value divers on the market with this blend of features and capabilities under $1000. At a retail price of $599 you're getting nearly triple the water resistance, double the movement performance, and more premium materials than competitors in the same price range.

The darker stainless steel with the matte black dial and red accents is a strikingly cool combination and really gives off the tough and reliable impression. The legibilty is fantastic and the crown action is incredible even though winding the Left Hand Drive takes some getting used to.

Nodus Sector Deep
Nodus Sector Deep

You will be hard-pressed to find a better option with serious dive capabilites at this price range. Well done, NODUS. Well done.

View more about the NODUS Sector Deep here.


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