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Introducing the C1 Moonphase from Christopher Ward: 128 Years of Perpetual Moon Tracking

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward


The C1 Moonphase - A Favorite Christopher Ward Complication Re-Imagined and Improved

Christopher Ward, a renowned and acclaimed watchmaker, continues its fascination with the moon in their latest creation, the C1 Moonphase. This new timepiece represents the culmination of their lunar-themed watch series, following the C9 Moonphase in 2015 and the C1 Moonglow in 2019. The C1 Moonphase is a testament to precision, craftsmanship, and artistic design.


C1 Moonphase Specifications:

Case Diameter


Lug to Lug Distance


Case Thickness


Weight w/ Strap


Water Resistance


Power Reserve

38 Hours

Case Materials

Stainless Steel w/ Sapphire Glass


Super-LumiNova® Grade X1 WL C1 moons


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The Striking C1 Dial

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

One of the most striking features of this watch is its dial, which is crafted from aventurine glass. Aventurine, a material first invented on the Venetian island of Murano in the 17th century, contains reflective flakes of copper oxide that mimic the appearance of a starry night sky. Since each piece of aventurine is unique, every C1 Moonphase watch is one-of-a-kind. This innovative material ensures that the focus remains on the shimmering aventurine background and the moon itself, as the dial is devoid of any adornments such as indexes, markers, or logos.


The Moon of the Show

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

The moon on the C1 Moonphase is 25% larger than the one featured in the C1 Moonglow. It consists of two components made from Globolight©, a mixture of ceramic and Super-LumiNova, known for its ability to be sculpted into various shapes. The larger moon and the expanded aperture provide a more accurate three-dimensional representation of the moon, and its glow in the dark is white, distinguishing it from the green glow of its predecessor.


128 Years of Moonphase Tracking

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

The movement inside the C1 Moonphase is the Calibre JJ04, an in-house modular movement by Christopher Ward. The moonphase complication is seamlessly linked to the hour hand, allowing for a smooth and continuous representation of the moon's phases. Remarkably, when kept wound, the Calibre JJ04 maintains accuracy for an astounding 128 years. Enthusiasts of mechanical watchmaking can appreciate the intricate movement by gazing through the sapphire case back.



C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

Improved clarity is another notable enhancement in the C1 Moonphase. The sapphire crystal of the previous C1 Moonglow has been replaced with a box-sapphire crystal that boasts anti-reflective coatings on both sides, ensuring excellent readability. The watch's comfort and wearability are guaranteed by the new 40.5mm Light-catcher™ case, characterized by its combination of brushed and polished surfaces.


Comfort by Design

For those seeking a luxurious bracelet option, the C1 Moonphase is available on The Consort™, a bracelet made up of 127 individual links and over 200 components, with an ultra-slim 3mm profile and a discreet butterfly clasp. Alternatively, a fine Italian leather strap offers a lighter and more understated option, with both choices featuring Christopher Ward's quick-release system for easy swapping.

All images courtesy of Christopher Ward


A Deliberate Focus

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

Calibre JJ04, the heart of the C1 Moonphase, is a remarkable achievement in watchmaking. Unlike typical moonphase complications that transition once per day, the JJ04 offers a more dynamic approach. It replaces the traditional date wheel with four additional wheels to drive the moon disc, resulting in a perpetual, smooth motion of the moon across the dial. When wound, the Calibre JJ04 remains accurate for a remarkable 128 years, making it a technical marvel.


Christopher Ward Does it Again

C1 Moonphase
C1 Moonphase - Image Courtesy of Christopher Ward

The C1 Moonphase by Christopher Ward is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. Its unique aventurine dial, larger and more accurate moon representation, in-house Calibre JJ04 movement, improved clarity, and versatile bracelet options make it a standout timepiece in the world of luxury watches, further cementing Christopher Ward's reputation as a top-tier watchmaker.


All images in this article were provided by Christopher Ward

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